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Web Committee

Chair: Dan Levine
Vice Chair: Troy Azzivitto
Webmaster: Scott Amoroso

Board Liaison: Atanu Das

Provide technical and cosmetic ideas to enhance the SCHC web site. 
If you have an idea that might enhance functionality, send a comment...

Want to help? Contact Dan Levine if you want to work on the committee.

We meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the website. Topics include updates to the website preceding our semi-annual meetings, SEO (search engine optimization), cosmetic and functional modifications to the website, etc. The web committee produces a Board report for the Spring and Fall meetings, outlining the various analytics we perform. We also make recommendations to the Board when major changes to the website are recommended or required.  

Send web comments to: [email protected]

Web Committee Members (updated 8/13/2019)

  • Scott Amoroso
  • Dan Levine
  • Troy Azzivitto
  • Doris Hill
  • Atanu Das
  • Diane Saucedo
  • Janet Anderson
  • Ranmi Aduloju