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SCHC is happy to collaborate with CHCS - a relationship that offers benefits to both organizations.



Jennifer L. Mahoney, SCHC President, and Gill Pagliuca, CHCS Chair, sign the Memorandum of Understanding at the SCHC Fall Meeting in Arlington, Virginia.

September 25, 2019



Benefits To Our Members

Our relationship is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding with 3 main aims:

  1. making our respective members aware of the existence of both organizations (via our websites)

  2. publicizing each other's events, webinars, conferences, training etc.

  3. offering reciprocal member discount pricing for these events

SCHC members can book CHCS events at CHCS member rates and vice-versa. If an SCHC member wishes to book a CHCS event, please email [email protected], providing your full name and organization. CHCS will verify your membership status and email you with instructions on how to register for the event.

CHCS members can book SCHC events at SCHC member rates by emailing [email protected], providing your full name and organization. SCHC will verify your membership status and email you with instructions on how to register for the event.

CHCS Contact Details

Email:              [email protected]

Website:         www.chcs.org.uk
LinkedIn:         https://www.linkedin.com/company/chemical-hazards-communication-society/
Twitter:           https://twitter.com/ChemicalHazards
Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/ChemicalHazards


For information on all training courses please visit CHCS's web page: Chemical Hazards & Safety Data Sheet Training.

New CHCS Training Course:
Introduction To The SEVESO / COMAH Regulations

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new CHCS training module:

  • Module 57, SEVESO / COMAH Regulations
    How to determine whether in scope of the Directive, compliance duties for lower tier sites and outline of upper tier duties

The first outing of this new course will be on 31 March 2020 in London.

This module will help you determine if you are in scope of Directive 2012/18/EU on the Control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances, otherwise known as the SEVESO III Directive and the UK COMAH 2015 Regulations transposing the Directive. It will also cover the main duties for lower tier establishments and outline the main duties for upper tier sites.

Module 57 is aimed at people with responsibility for SEVESO/UK COMAH-related activities, pre-COMAH sites and those organisations coming into scope. It will also appeal to organisations already in scope, providing detailed information on lower tier duties, serving as a refresher course. The Module will explain how to apply the classification rules to dangerous substance inventories to determine whether in scope. It will also cover the main duties for lower tier sites in detail, outline upper tier duties and the responsibilities of competent authorities.

Find Out More

Visit our website by clicking on this link: Module 57, SEVESO / COMAH Regulations, or download the flyer: Download Module 57 Flyer.


As with our other courses, Module 57 is open to all CHCS members, and "Early-Bird" discount places are now available, until 28 January 2020, at only £27500 (plus VAT). If you aren't currently a CHCS member, you can Join CHCS, then register for the course. Register now, by visiting: Register For Module 57.


CHCS 2020 AGM & Annnual Industry Lectures

Annual event will take place:  Wednesday 25 November 2020
Location:  Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport, B26 3QW

Register at: CHCS 2020 AGM & Annual Industry Lectures

CHCS members: free-of-charge.
Non-members can Join CHCS then register for the event.

Want to sponsor / exhibit at the event? Please contact CHCS.


2020 Courses

Click on the titles above to be taken to the course web page, from where you can find out more, download the flier and register.

The course venues for 2020 are: 

  • London: etc.venues County Hall, Riverside Building, Belvedere Road,
    London SE1 7PB
  • Manchester: Novotel Manchester Centre Hotel, 21 Dickinson Street, Manchester M1 4LX