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Life Cycle Assessment (0.5-day)

PDF Brochure — Course Offering: Spring 2012


The Advanced Topics in EHS series of courses were designed to expand on topics that were introduced in the basic SCHC courses. The topic of lifecycle assessment was introduced in the SCHC course Ecotoxicology for Hazard Communication.

The goal of this course is to provide an in-depth examination of the process of lifecycle assessment. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of the basic principles of this topic and the development of the technical skills and background necessary to develop, evaluate, and/or apply lifecycle assessments to products and/or processes.

This is considered to be an advanced course. While there are no formal prerequisites for this course, it is strongly recommended that participants have either taken the SCHC courses Toxicology for Hazard Communication andEcotoxicology for Hazard Communication or that they be comfortable with the basic principles of toxicology, ecotoxicology, and hazard determination.

Intended Audience

Hazard communication professionals looking to broaden their hazard determination and risk assessment expertise by including life cycle assessment skills.

Course Director / Instructor

Robert Skoglund, Ph.D., DABT, CIH

Dr. Skoglund is a Senior Laboratory Manager at the 3M Company.  His primary responsibilities include corporate oversight of material EHS issues including global hazard communication and other applied and regulatory toxicology issues and programs.


Course Instructor


Nicole Soucy, Ph.D.

Dr. Soucy is a Toxicology Specialist at 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her primary
responsibilities include assessing the human health hazards and risks of products and other materials for several 3M business units. In addition, she is responsible for authoring of hazard communication documents, developing comprehensive health hazard profiles for substances important to 3M and providing toxicological support for green chemistry and sustainability initiatives at 3M.


Course Instructor

Scott Strand

Scott Strand is an Information Specialist at the 3M Company. His primary responsibilities include the development, maintenance and enhancement of IT
systems and business processes for chemical data management and hazard communication. In addition he has over 15 years of experience in the assessment, classification, and communication of ecological hazards and risks.
Course Fee

$250.00 - Members
$340.00 - Nonmembers

Course Schedule

(subject to change)

Monday, April 2, 2012

7:30-8:00 Registration

Overview of Life Cycle Assessment

9:10-9:25 Break
9:25-10:35 Development of a Life Cycle Inventory
Life Cycle Impact Assessment
10:35-10:50 Break
10:50-12:00 Interpretation and Application of Life Cycle Assessments
Elements of Sustainability


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