Chair: Julia Diebol
Board Liaison: Anne DeMasi
The Exhibit Committee arranges and holds an exhibit known as "The Hazard Communication Management Products Display." This exhibit features vendors of products that aid SCHC members in the creation and maintenance of information for hazard communication. This exhibit is held once a year at the Annual meeting.


Prepare an Exhibit each year to allow Society members to interact with commercial product/service providers to help meet their hazard communication needs. 

Standard Practices

Time Frame

Assign a committee member as liaison for the committee’s web page.

Whenever the position is vacant

Review the committee’s web page and content for accuracy and timeliness. Provide current membership, documents, other information and updates for the website to the SCHC Administrator.

As necessary, but at least once a month

Provide list of Exhibitors and other pertinent information to the SCHC webmaster.  Request the Webmaster to post the information on the SCHC website.

As necessary, but at least once 90 days before the Annual meeting

Schedule committee meetings as needed to monitor activities.

Prior to SCHC meetings and as necessary

Provide information exchange to general membership through Program Committee.

As requested by Program Committee

Prepare contract for exhibitors with cover invitation letter.

Mail at least six months in advance of Annual meeting, with follow-up letters one month after mailing.

Keep Board informed of meetings and activities.

Written report to Board liaison 2 weeks prior to semi-annual Board meetings

Monitor database of potential exhibitors and keep up to date with new companies.


Assure that only registered attendees at the Conference are permitted to attend the Exhibit.

At the Annual meeting

Assure that paid exhibitors for the Fall meeting be listed on the SCHC website with a link to their website for 45 days prior to and 20 days after the first day of the Annual Meeting. (Approved 4/2/01 BOD Meeting)

Each fall before and after the conference

Review the Standard Practices at least annually and as requested by the Board, make needed changes and provide update to the Vice President.

As necessary but at least once a year


The Chair should maintain records of committee meetings, i.e., minutes, list of members, final work products, etc.  Provide these records to the new Chair as soon as possible when there is a change in leadership.