SCHC BOD Special Committees

Competencies and Curriculum

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

Develop a set of competencies for the Hazard Communication professional and a curriculum of courses, resources, and experiences that supports these competencies.

University Relations

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

To engage students and the academic community, and to foster interest and scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication by focusing on the following three activities: sponsoring scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication through grants; lecturing on chemical hazard communication in graduate and undergraduate courses; presenting chemical hazard communication as a career path at university job fairs.

SCHC Standing Committees


ChairVice President
Vice Chair: Ryan Hamilton
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Chair: SCHC Treasurer
Board Liaison: Beth Dederick
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Chair: Julia Diebol
Board Liaison: Anne DeMasi
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Chair:  Sharen Breyer
Board Liaison: Lori Burry 
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Member Engagement (formerly, Outreach)

Chair: Chandra Gioiello
Board Liaisons: Ann Johnsoand Darcy Evans
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Chair: Denese A. Deeds
Board Liaison: President
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Poster Session

Chair: Lucas Fyle  
Board Liaison: James Lee
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Professional Development

Chair:  Robert Skoglund
Board Liaison: Allan Jemi-Alade

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Chair: Claire Mathis
Vice Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: Danielle Svestka
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