SCHC BOD Special Committees

Competencies and Curriculum

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

Develop a set of competencies for the Hazard Communication professional and a curriculum of courses, resources, and experiences that supports these competencies.


Chair: Ari Lewis
Board Liaison: Michelle Baker

Provide opportunities for discussion between members, including round table breakouts on HazCom topics at annual meetings.


Chair:  Jennifer Mahoney

Develop a marketing plan that also includes mechanisms to promote SCHC activity (e.g., meetings, professional development opportunities, webinars and other events) to increase awareness and grow membership of the SCHC.

University Relations

Chair:  Robert S. Skoglund

To engage students and the academic community, and to foster interest and scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication by focusing on the following three activities: sponsoring scholarly activity in chemical hazard communication through grants; lecturing on chemical hazard communication in graduate and undergraduate courses; presenting chemical hazard communication as a career path at university job fairs.

Webstreaming / Webhosting

Chair: Bernadette Lindquist, Ph.D., DABT
Board Liaison:  Paul Brigandi

Investigate and make recommendations for state of the art electronic delivery methods for SCHC products, such as live-streaming (remote attendance) and recorded sessions.  These may include: webinars, current distance learning and other PDC offerings, as well as plenary sessions.

SCHC Standing Committees


Chair: Douglas L. Eisner
Board Liaison: Robert Skoglund
Committee Page…


Chair: Douglas J. Strock
Board Liaison: Kirsten Alcock
Committee Page…


Chair:  Sharen Breyer
Board Liaison: Ann Thompson
Committee Page…



Chair: Adriene Bopp
Board Liaison: Michelle Baker
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Chair: Mark S. Cohen
Board Liaison: Ann Thompson
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Outreach and Communications

Co-Chair: Beth Tanner
Co-Chair: Renee Warner

Board Liaison: Beth Bidstrup
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Poster Session

Chair: Jing Sun
Board Liaison: Robert Skoglund
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Professional Development

Chair: Karin Baron
Vice Chair: Diana Saucedo

Board Liaison: Michele Sullivan
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Co-Chair: Allan Jemi-Alade
Co-Chair: Mary Rudolph
Board Liaison: Darlene Susa-Anderson
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SCHC-OSHA Alliance

Chair: Jennifer Mahoney
Chair (HazCom 2012 Fact Sheets): Luc Seguin
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Social Media

Chair: May Thomas
Board Liaison: Danielle Svestka
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Chair: Dan Levine
Vice Chair: Troy Azzivitto
Webmaster: Scott Amoroso
Board Liaison: Atanu Das
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