Walking from the Crystal City Metro Station to the Crystal Gateway Marriott can be done below ground or on street level. The walk is less than ten minutes either way.

From the Crystal City station to the lobby of the Crystal Gateway Marriott below ground

1.    Take the escalators up to the first level of the station.
2.    Take the next set of escalators up one more level.
3.    Immediately turn right at the sign for the VRE trains and walk through the glass doors to Crystal City Shops.
4.    Follow the signs to the Crystal Gateway Marriott and 12th Street.
5.    Turn left at the T intersection.  
6.    Follow the signs to the Crystal Gateway Marriott.
7.    Walk through the tunnel and enter the hotel main lobby through the glass doors. 

From the Crystal Gateway Marriott main lobby to the Crystal City Metro Station

1.    Walk towards the Hertz rental desk.
2.    Face the glass doors with the sign that read "Crystal City Shops, Crystal City Marriott, Metro VRE, Access to Crystal City Office Buildings."
3.    Walk through the glass doors and into the tunnel.
4.    Turn right at the first hall; follow the signs for 18th Street, Metro, Restrooms, Crystal City Marriott, Crystal City Shops at 2100.
5.    Walk through the glass doors.
6.    Make an immediate left, following the sign for the Crystal City Metro Station.
7.    Take the escalator down to the station.

Maps of the Crystal City Shops, the Metrorail system, as well as jogging and bike paths are available from the lobby concierge.